Cross bracing

Can I get a list of items needed to cross brace with stand offs on a dr4b?

And if possible can I also get a picture of how the x formation would look on the dr4b

I’ve never cross-braced a DR4B with standoffs, but I’d imagine you need:

  • Shaft couplers
  • Shafts
  • Collars (remove the insert)

I’m not sure how you would link the standoffs at the intersection…maybe you could somehow drill a hole opposite of the insert thread, so you have perpendicular threads.


our cross braces have a nylon washer in the middle of each section. We use two 1x3 strips of aluminium which clamp the two braces together using a standoff.

Maybe you could use zip ties?

Here is a good example of a cross braced DR4B:
You screw shaft collars to one side, and use a (screw) coupler to attach the standoff to the shaft collar. To attach the standoffs to each other you can use zip ties (like in the picture).


Here are some closer pictures of what @CarlosStewart was talking about


Thank you very much everyone. I understand how it works now and what I need

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Can you send me some pdf file related to tat? @CarlosStewart

Isn’t that a DR8B? Is that connection strong?

The picture I posted was not mine, so I don’t know how sturdy it is, but it looks like a four bar on the bottom, and a six bar on top.

So in that case would it still be a DR4B?

Technically its a reverse 4 bar 6 bar
also @CarCar i see u’ve been mentioning rd8bs alot. This is what an 8 bar looks like:
so a rd8b would have 2 of these on one top of the other.


wait is a 4 Bar + a reversed 6 bar

You can say its a DR5B (average lol)

You probably don’t want to make it more confusing.

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Even though cross bracing is really useful, I would also suggest adding torsion blockers. Torsion blockers are when you place C-Channels vertically across arms of a DR4B with spacer screw connections. If you are unsure of what I mean you can see a torsion blocker a bit clearer on Delta IV cap boi (it’s silver):
image image
The wider the C-Channel used, the more torsion is blocked on the lift and it does its job reallly well.

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Are you refering to tension?

no. torsion is describing the twisting, which is when the two sides of the lift is unequal, they apply a twisting force on the shaft (if they are connected together). this is why the “X” formation of the bracing will help resist this and then balance the two sides.

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I would say instead of using the regular axle collars use the high strength axle collars with green inserts in them. So first screw the collar into the rd4b’s bar that u wanna cross brace on both sides using the green inserts, and then put a screw through the side thats supposed to tighten the collar around the axle and a standoff on the side thats supposed to be the nut. way cleaner than regular collar imo.

Personally I think it looks cleaner to use steel shaft collars because they are smaller and match the c-channels in color.