Crossbow Trigger mechanism

So I’m trying to construct a crossbow and I have a general concept. And for the pullback I am using a winch type system.

And I need some way to have the wound up winch immediately release so it sends a bolt forward. Any ideas?


you can use the winch set to release it, online there are some good videos/ diagrams on how to set it up

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You could also use slip gears (missing teeth) to launch it.


Usually called “slip-gears” in the VEX community :slight_smile:


Haven’t ever used them yet. Hopefully next year (sorry for the incorrect grammar)

@QuesoGrande Welcome to The forums

What a beautiful design, I know a guy who would appreciate this (@VincentEpic ).
If you have a ratchet, you should put that in there so that the rope doesn’t retract if you let go of the crank.
Maybe you could add a custom hook and eye latch - the hook is attached to the pulley string, and instead of tying the string to that standoff you would have an eye hole for the hook to latch into. Then a trigger lever could slip the hook upwards out of the eye, releasing the slider.

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This is in fact beautiful, I love inflicting pain using vex parts

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