Custom Font License Plates

I am not asking if they are legal, I already know the answer. My question is where can we get these fonts to put on the license plates? Do I need to make them, or can I just straight order them off somewhere.

search for “dry transfer” or “rub-on letters” on Amazon 40 years ago, we used to use then all the time for projects and things. There’s probably not as much variety available now as back then. This was before computer fonts for desk-top publishing. We’d rub then onto blue-line boards to make camera-ready copy for printing. The light blue lines wouldn’t duplicate.

I’d like to use the font Azonix. I wasn’t able to find it on amazon so I’m planning to print the letters out, cut them out, laminate them, and then cut those letters out and glue them onto the plates. Is there a better way? Like we have a laser cutter so maybe engraving the plate and then painting the recess?

You could just print on transparency film. Save yourself the hassle of cutting out each character; just print everything on a single sheet and make a single cut around all of it.

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Our team had custom numbers made from vinyl sticker material by a friend with a Cricut machine


Lots of library systems have vinyl cutters check with them. I have a type of the transparency films @barin mentioned and they work really well. Just remember that they will be on a blue or red background so colors matter. (It’s easier in VIQ since the plates are white and almost everything shows up.

I like the Tonite Font the sweeping tail of the Q looks cool when doing VEXIQ. Like @kmmohn I had a vast collections of fonts of rubon letters



  1. Open up your favorite image creating/editing software (We used Adobe Illustrator)
  2. Create your design
  3. Print them out on vinyl sticker paper or send to a vinyl sticker printing company. We use
  4. Stick em’ on and enjoy

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