Custom Plastic Rules

Are we allowed to use more than one type of plastic on our robot? Right now, we have ABS and lexan both. Do we have to change this, or can we use more than one type of plastic?

I think so you can use multiple

Yes, it was answered a couple of years ago. So long as the total still adds up to 12x24", you’re fine.


Remember to keep in mind that total area means total area for the sheets from which the parts are cut, not the total area of the parts. Just in case because Karthik’s answer could be interpreted two ways (I figure it’s pretty logical to think of it as the area of the sheets because it’s pretty hard to find the area of weird shapes so I might be just in case ing about nothing).

I think you would have to show that the various pieces of plastic you are using can be pieced together to fit a 12" x 24" rectangle, it is not enough to just say they have the same total area (288 sq. in.).

On robots with many pieces, a cut sheet helps to provide proof as well as a good notebook addition.