Cylinder Rod Pivots and Cylinder mounts

do any of u guys know where to find these parts separately? I called vex support and they said they can’t sell them that way and told me to look on radwell and smc.

In the Legacy pneumatic system, the cylinder mounts were made by vex, so they would not be available from any third party suppliers. Robot mesh used to sell them when they were doing Vex stuff. You can make very similar components just by bending them out of some 1x25 bar or cutting some pieces of Vex metal plate


Here’s an easy way to make a rod pivot. I cringe a bit because the shaft collars were not made for this, however it does work. The thread on the rod is 8-32 (the typical screw size for V5), so I’m sure there’s other creative ways to set it up.

For the cylinder pivot, the hole is sized for the standard drive shaft, so it should be pretty easy to mount a drive shaft where you need it.

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Just to confirm, this is only the case for the new V5 cylinders, and not the legacy ones, correct?

VexTeamZ: Correct, the rod thread size of 8-32 is for the new V5 pneumatics kit (276-8750). The old SMC cylinders are not 8-32 thread (6-40 thead I believe, but don’t quote me on that)

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