Dankest Vex Memes?


@Zach929Y The gif of the key getting removed is at least 99.99 percent dank.


Best Vex memes ever
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Pretty dank if u ask me.
The High Hang Bonus Still Exists




oh…there is a discord? where might I find this? O.o


Here’s the link to the thread about it


@Joseph W(182 C) thanks!





Pretty much any robot interaction in the referee videos.




@avspark not dank enough


XD I totally used pop rivets my first year.
I need to make one



Casual ITZ teams be like


Clawbot doing a high hang
Clawbot high hang.jpg


@Easton we were a clawbot last there and we high hung . . . we also had three wheels . . .


This one time my autonomous failed and threw a mobile goal out of the field.
Alliance partner: dude was it supposed to do that
Me: nah don’t worry it just put it in the far zone ya know double points
Good times starstruck was


Why in the heck is your mobile goal lift tall enough to do that???


I don’t have your average mobile goal lift, I use a piece of
L-Channel that has a slit cut into it so that it slides under the mobile goal and hooks onto the lip of it. I have this attached to the bottom of my DR4B and use the power generated from the lift to pick up the mobile goals. Silly me when I was writing the autonomous didn’t think of having the lift hold itself at a set height so I just had the lift extend to full height and one time it didn’t position itself correctly so the mobile goal hit the edge of the field when it was coming back to put it down and it fell out.