Dankest Vex Memes?


Hey dudes! So I decided to start off this season strong by working really hard with my team to make a competition worthy robot by September, but obviously that didn’t work out. Instead, I started working on memes for my team.

I think we are losing the meme war with FIRST and the only way we can secure the lead is through hard work and dedication. This will be an uphill battle, but I believe, I know this thread can give us the advantage. My submission is attached, but where are your memes?
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 12.10.33 PM.png


FRC memes > VEX memes


How dare you…


There are a lot more memes on VTOW.


This why people roast the vex forums on discord




I would post memes, but how safe would some of these things be lol :thinking:


here’s one I just made, though you need to be part of the discord server to fully understand.


Your memes are weak


Like I said, you have to be part of the discord server to fully understand (I guess also pay attention to the #coding channel)


Still weak.


Do robots themselves count?



I think the best Vex memes are the reveal videos, 7110A’s being my favorite


These are not weak memes.


Very strong indeed.


The Dank is strong with this one


Boi powered.jpgending it all.JPGGirl powereererererererereerer.JPGCole is triggered.JPGOSIZR.JPGThing.jpgvex Meta strat.gif20pt zone.jpgVex is OP.JPG


Bringing the meme supply drops like no other.