Data refresh rates of V5 sensors

Is there documentation anywhere regarding how frequently data is available from each of the sensors? I seem to recall a thread for specific sensors (maybe vision), but I don’t seem to see any such information on the product specifications nor the V5 code documents.


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It depends on the sensor. The quickest (motor) is 5mS, others may be 20mS. However, data is typically only available to user code every 10mS due to the refresh rate of background tasks.


I know that the new V5 rotation sensors were a 20ms refresh time when they came out, but I think I remember someone saying that it would be changed to 10ms later on. Is this true or are the V5 rotation sensors still on 20ms? I’m using them for odometry so I want to be able to have the highest refresh rate possible.

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High refresh rate by itself is not necessary for the precise odometry - properly timestamped raw measurements would be much more important. (See Velocity calculation traps)

It just happens that when you run with high refresh rate - the times recorded in the program are closer to the actual times that the measurements were taken at, thus giving you more accurate results.


They are still on 20mS.
vexos 1.0.13 will allow change in the same way as we added for the Inertial sensor.