Our intake can run just fine on a 200rpm Green motor insert, but whenever I attempt to run the intake on a 600rpm blue motor insert the intake will not spin at all. Because it is a four-row intake. We have figured out that the reason it will not work is because of friction rubbing on the axles. Since I started I have added Bearing flats to every axel still on the intake. I tested the 600rpm motor and it still will not spin. Any tips on how to de-friction our intake would be helpful.

Thank You.

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Can you provide pictures of your intake?

why did you switch to a blue motor? was the rpm too low for the flywheel to be competetive?

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unchain each part of the intake and test each shaft until you find the culprit, then realign the bearing or switch the shaft. Also, make sure your lock collars aren’t tightened down to hard


Our robot is not much, but i’s like to not leek anything before worlds. No offense intended.

The friction in on our intake, we switched to a blue motor so that our intake runs faster.

Thank you, we have been doing this for the past few hours, and it definitely has been helping.

Keep in mind that blue carts have significantly less torque as a sacrifice for speed. Even if you fix all of your friction issues, it may still not be enough simply because the motor is too weak. If that’s the case, try gearing down a 600rpm cart or gearing up a 200rpm cart to find the right balance of speed and torque.


A 600 RPM cartridge should be able to handle 4 shafts for an intake regardless. Make sure whatever you are mounting your bearing flats and shafts on are aligned properly. Make sure everything is parallel and perpendicular. This will probably reduce most of the friction that you are experiencing.


One other thing to check… Make sure that your chains are not too tight. I had a group with a similar problem this year. Adding a single link to the chain fixed it. (They also had to add a roller to alter the chain path a little to take up the slack.) The overly tight chain was flexing an axle and forcing it against multiple bearings.


We know it will work with a 200rpm cartridge but are aiming for a 600rpm cartridge. at the moment the bot is at a team member’s house and we do not have any gears for the bot. Trying to make do with what we have. thank you for the tip.

thank you for the tip, we are making sure to do this now!

We actually had an issue with this on our roller mech (it’s attached to our intake). Thank you for the tip it is very useful.

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