Delta IV Menu (C++)

Hello everyone!
I have been working fairly hard at developing a menu for my robot, in which it would have auton selection, sensorvalues, and many more. With the menu, I was planning on eventually integrating SD Card file writing and reading for autonomous selections that can save. I was also planning on finishing the sensor setup as well. On the home menu, it senses if the SD card is inserted, as well as since I had a lift I put an indicator for the temp of the lift (The motor is commented out). There is also a ton of commented out areas for the sensor value menu and I was going to add more onto the controller screen as well, but since I moved to PROS I won’t be working on the menu anymore. There is also buttons in the code as well, for those who are trying to code buttons (It probably can be further compressed, but this code was made in around 1-2 days after a couple days of learning VCS C++).
EDIT//: Here’s a video of the menu. Some parts are changed around afterwards

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Despite moving to PROS, I don’t plan on giving up on my menus. I plan on making a more advanced touch screen menu, in which I plan on making a menu of not just selecting autonomous’s, but actually programming autonomous’s with the menu without the need of PROS or other platforms. But that project will be a load of work and would take me a great amount of time to actually program. I also plan on making the menu be able to accept controller input from the arrows to wirelessly select and program without the need to touch the V5 brain as well, but that is probably miles away XD. I hope you enjoy this code at least :slight_smile:
DeltaIVMain.vex (35.5 KB)

Thanks for posting this! Hopefully we can implement something similar to this.

There is probably a way, but on PROS if the robot is disabled all controller input is ignored. Wanted to be able to pick an auton from the controller, but you can only write to the LCD, you can’t read any buttons. But you might be able to select it, then plug into field control. I think that just restarts tasks, not the entire program. Global variables should persist.

Nice! I made an GUI OS similar to yours on the controller screen using VEX C++

Thank you :smiley:

Thats cool! If youre going to post it any time soon, I cant wait to see it :slight_smile:

That is a good point. I didnt think that far but I just thought it would also be cool for joystick interaction as well if the touchscreen has problems or something XD

@[TVA]Connor How do you make writing bigger on the LCD screen? We would like our team name to flash colors like your robot menu as well as display our team name instead of your logo.

Here’s the completed system: