Designs for change up

I know someone made a post about the designs of this years games yesterday but I would like to see a vote on the designs of this years game. The options I have on this poll is the ones that I have seen thus far, but if there are any more designs that I need to add please let me know.

  • Re modified Tray Bot From Last Year
  • Defensive Bot
  • Ball Shooting Bot (I have not heard much of this but I have heard some people talking about maybe shooting the balls into the goals)
  • Other(Please reply with design)

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Like, NO

How about giving people time to actually analyze the game vs come up with meta implementation


I’m calling it, rapidfire flywheel gang time!


Here’s my design in Tinkercad, though it’s not quite finished.
Partial Robot

Thanks for sharing. Could you further explain what the robot is designed to do?

Yeah. It’s mainly an offensive bot, the cylinders in front are intake rollers that roll balls over the wedge and onto the tray. The tray rises, and a flywheel will dispose of the ball. Like I said, the cad doesn’t show the complete design, just what I could figure out in Tinkercad.

Do you mind sharing your full design?

Please don’t revive dead threads.

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I kind of agree with you, @NicolBolas, but the time when threads are dead is after a year. He did have a valid question.

My understanding is that they are permalocked after a year. If there isn’t any activity for 7 months, I consider it to be dead with little chance of revival.

Yeah. That was our first iteration, so we’ve now redesigned to a three-ball tray. I don’t have a pic at the moment, but I’ll update this post with one as soon as I get one.

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