Determining if at Actual Competition

Is there a flag or variable or something in ROBOTC to detect if at actual competition? For example, it would be false if I am just practicing or using ROBOTC’s debugger competition switch, but would be true if I am actually at a competition, and plugged into the Field Control System? The reason for this is I use a DEBUG flag to determine whether to run certain blocks of code. But I am inevitably going to forget to turn it off then night before a competition, and we will be struggling to figure out why our robot is not working.
Can anyone offer me some wisdom, or is this simply not possible?

I want to say @jpearman was able to do this in one of his longer analysis posts, but I can’t find it right now. Will edit if I do

Few different Jpearman threads. From these I believe your software can not detect the difference between the simulated switch and the real switch.

I dont understand the question, can someone explain

See also this thread:

It does not seem like I posted this was 5 years ago. Time flies.

Your right I had missed that. I would believe simulated ROBOTC competition switch would be different than the 2 physical switches you talk about in that post.