Different Joystick Controls

Our team has been using tank controls since the beginning of the year, and has taken (or is take-ing) quite a long time for our drivers to get used to these types of controls, although they consider themselves “active gamers.”

Are there any programs for joystick controls that are similar to CoD, Minecraft, or Fifa?

Have the left stick Forward and Backward only, and the right stick Left and Right turn

Agreed. This setup is so much easier to run than any other setup I’ve seen, and much easier to code.

I personally prefer tank drive but that’s because I’ve been using it ever since I started. I don’t play videogames often but I’ve heard that arcade appeals to some gamers. The members of 6430B play videogames but they still prefer tank drive. They have two drivers

Or you could have the left joystick be forward, backward, turn left, and turn right, and then have the right joystick not do anything! That’s what I run and I quite enjoy it.

It’s interesting to note that nearly all industrial ROV’s (such as the ones used by the military and police bomb squads) use tank drive for control. This just shows that what works on screen in a game is not necessarily what works best physically.

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