Directly accessing the display in PROS

Is there any way to directly control the display using the PROS C api, or do I have to do it through LVGL? Or would I be able to copy the v5_api.h from a VexCode project and use that to accomplish this goal?

Edit: I want to control the whole screen, not to use LLEMU

My main question is why wouldn’t you want to use LVGL?

Answer: Idk how lmao

Delete the LLEMU code in initialize()

Edit: see The PROS 3 documentation on LVGL


I don’t want to use LVGL

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Good question.

I don’t.

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Felt that
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You don’t not want to use it in which case you do want to use it? I’m not following here lol

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I do not want to use the built in LVGL stuff

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I don’t believe LVGL is built in(could be wrong tho), I think you have to import it.

It’s built into PROS

My question was why? You never answered it. If it’s knowledge gaps then that’s a valid reason because it does take more effort to get LVGL set up. Down the line though, it is a way more robust library than the default display options because it’s designed for complicated GUI’s.

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I am very aware and I know how to use LVGL, but for my current project it isn’t very useful. More details soon.


I think for the time being, you are stuck with it.
Even if you did try and use the VEX API primitives, the LVGL daemon I think is just going to overwrite the frame buffer. The PROS team is working on decoupling LVGL from the kernel, but until that is released and they offer a PROS version of the sdk primitives for drawing etc. that’s all there is.




Honestly it’s been something I’ve been wondering for a while, but would our users want us to support VEXCode style graphics? (as an alternative to LVGL and LLEMU)

  • Yes
  • No

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