Discontinued Judged Awards

According to this year’s Judge Guide:

Several VRC and VEX U awards have been eliminated because they were underused or redundant: Cooperate Award, Educate Award, Future Award, and Teamwork Award.

Would events still be allowed to give out these awards at events if they want to, using the award criteria from last year? And if so, could they do the same with the Community Award, which became an Online Challenge this year?

Finally, could an event also create custom awards that aren’t in TM or Robot Events? (I seem to remember this being the case.)

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Tournament Manager allows you to enter any name for an award (and specify any winner). The question is whether that fits within VRC Qualifying Criteria. I would talk to your RSM

As far as I can tell, this wouldn’t violate the VRC Qualifying Criteria since none of the awards would qualify for anything. (If it was a Middle School Excellence Award at an event with fewer than 10 middle school teams, that would be different.)

It would mainly be a matter of whether the judges could handle determining winners for that many awards (or whether someone else would be allowed to decide the winner, such as the students voting on it).

That’s true, and yeah there are ways to determine awards without judges. Students here vote on Sportsmanship Award


Also, am I correct that it’s possible to add or remove awards on the day of the event if necessary, as long as they don’t qualify for anything? (It wouldn’t be a good idea to remove an award, though, since some teams would be expecting it to be there.)

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You are allowed to give out whatever awards you want in addition to the required ones. Just, obviously, don’t expect them to qualify for anything.

You can edit awards in Robot Events on the day of the event. You cannot enter custom awards in Robot Events though, so there is no point even entering them in TM unless you will be using TM’s slides.


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