Divisions at Worlds Released

Arts Division for us. What about everyone else?

Where was this posted?

My team (98807A) is arts

If you scroll down on the “general info” section of the Worlds page on RobotEvents you will see 6 links which provide the list of each division.

Which division does everyone think looks the hardest (large # of OP teams)? Science is looking pretty tough to me

Ah yes thank you. Arts as well.

Research for 48180S

Don’t underestimate Engineering Div…

Engineering for 12F. Bunch of other Virginia teams too.

IMO I think Arts is the toughest division.

Yea I think so too, a ton of top teams

Yup Engineering has a lot of sleeper teams

Lol I’m Opportunity

I’m spirit division

Opportunity is going to win lol.

Technology for us
Engineering and science both seem pretty strong as well.


I’m predicting Killer monkeys vs. PigPen in MS finals

Maybe you have forgotten about the 8068 teams…
their highest skills score for MS was done with their competition robot.

I’m predicting China and Singapore in the finals again for MS. There’s just another level I see them hit at Worlds.

Idk, those teams are beyond impressive. Year in and year out it seems like a composition of some of the best from Singapore in China go at it in the Finals. Some years it feels like they would beat some of the HSers, particularly in Skyrise.

At the US Open, the all Chinese alliance in the finals smoked the American alliance in MS. It was crazy.