Do We Need a V5 Brain?

In VRC Appendix C , there’s a list of options for alternative brains and motors to use for your robot, however in , however in it says we need to have a V5 brain. It seems like the brain is out of stock in all sites I’ve seen, so if we don’t need a brain, we definitely don’t want to hope for it to come on time. Can we use the other options as core modules for our robot? If not, what’s the difference/purpose of this list of alternatives?

The V5 Brain is the only legal option for the “core module.” I would reach out to teams nearby you to see if they can loan you a brain for the remainder of the season.


I would suggest contacting your RECF Team Engagement Manager.

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There also appears to be some for sale here:

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Appendix C applies only to VEXU teams, who compete in a modified version of VRC at the college/university level. If you are a middle or high school VRC team, Appendix C doesn’t apply to you at all.

The table you’re referring to is, I think, this one:

As the text above the table notes, the table lists the specific VEXpro items that VEXU teams cannot use in robot construction. (unlike VRC, most VEXpro parts are fair game for use on VEXU robots, one of several areas in which U teams get more flexibility in robot design and construction).

Most of the items in that table are various motors and motor controllers, which makes sense since even in VEXU, the V5 smart motor is the only legal motor. None of the components in that table do the same job as the V5 brain.


I do believe one of the tags is VEX U if I am reading that right.


Are there other vendors for VEX products that ship to the US? Our district requires 2 bids for purchases using a Purchase Order.

So they require that any product you buy be made by at least 2 manufacturers? That’s… interesting. VEX is the only manufacturer of V5 brains anywhere, and there are no more resellers anymore either. Hopefully they will understand.


Thanks. I got approved because of your response.