Do you have any thing I should know anything before I go to my competition

I will be going to last composition and I want to go to state do you have anything I need to know or do with my notebook robot play for matches and get the most points right now we are using the robot flex or stretch

I don’t know about the competitor level in your state, but unless you are part of a super driving team, the flex or stretch (or for that matter clutch) isn’t going to get you there.

A really great notebook may get you there, but the judges are looking for how you designed your robot and then iterated the design to make it better. Building one of the VEX beginning designs isn’t going to do that unless you are doing something along the lines of

  1. We started out with Flex
  2. Figured out the wheelbase wasn’t long enough and moved the wheels out and replaced them with omni wheels to help with the scrub
  3. Put a small claw that would grab one of the cube edges so we could lift and move it quickly
  4. … etc

Good luck!


Thank you :blush: for you help it will do my team so much

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