Do you think it is possible to have 8 motor drive with a catapult?

just wondering what you all think

Yeah a team has been competing with one for over a month.


Yes, first of all.
However, it would probably not be as effective as a 4 or 6 motor drive as far as the entire Robot is concerned. I guess if you had a PTO you could use that to power an intake and the cata.


Yes it is possible.

The way I would do it is have the catapult and intake powered by 2 motors which can be shifted to the drive once you are done scoring discs. And I would use a passive roller mech to maintain 8m drive while scoring rollers.


I would do this and make both of the motors control the cata and ratchet them to the intake when the cata is pulled back. Already making a system kinda like this :wink:

It’s usually worth searching for posts or videos by @Sylvie - here’s a relevant-looking mechanism: VEX Tower Takeover Differential Drive/Tilter Mechanism - YouTube It’s a differential where one of the modes has finite rotation range, so you might be able to use that mode to pull a catapult back.

EDIT: I have a memory of someone constructing that mechanism but allowing it to rotate through more than 360 degrees by putting the motors either side of the links and allowing long cables to wrap and unwrap round the thing. Someone will remember who did that.



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Yes but not really worth it

our bot uses a pto to achieve 8 motor drive. Its not at all necessary, 8 motor drive is like the lifted truck of vrc. It does come in handy though.

Passive roller mech is key for such a robot.