Does anyone have a 2016 High Goal Net they want to sell?

I am looking for a high goal net for creating a school competition (when we get back into session). I have one goal, but would like to purchase another. These are no longer made and a bit difficult to locate. Is anyone interested in selling their net and poles from the 2016 Nothing But Net Challenge?



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If you can’t source a real NbN net, and have access to a 3D printer, you could build a goal from dowel and 3D printed brackets. This is what my team did at the time and we found it to be a perfectly acceptable substitute for the real thing.


Just be sure to not make them too strong, and break half and wrap some duct tape around them, so you can have the true NbN experience! :crazy_face:


:laughing: We actually found them to be pretty similar in strength to the actual goals as well, we had broken several brackets on our substitute goals by the end of the season. But ours were much easier to repair than the real thing!


Thanks for the suggestion. Might be a fun project for my own kids while we are at home.


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Those NBN goals were the bane of my existence that year. I have never hated any game element quite as much. They were such a pain- always breaking and hard to assemble yet not sturdy enough to leave put together between events. We may or may not have had a bonfire that they were thrown into at the end of that season.


I have a blue NBN goal packed behind a bunch of my other robotics stuff. I can’t get to it yet, but I can see that a couple of the corner connectors are taped, I don’t know if that is out of necessity or precaution. I will try to dig it out today or tomorrow and let you know what condition it is in then.


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Fantastic! Let know if you are successful in locating it!



Sorry for the delay in responding, it took me longer than expected to dig the net out. Unfortunately it isn’t in very good shape. The net itself is fine, but most of the corner connectors are broken, the tips of a couple poles are broken, and 2 of the poles are missing. With a little work it could be usable, especially if you can 3D print the corner brackets. Given the shape it is in if you cover the cost of shipping it is yours.

IMG_20200407_143346 IMG_20200407_143336

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