Does anyone have a good idea for a base for a robot?

A Z-drive. @Sylvie can vouch, It’s viable.

Just because you use them doesn’t mean they don’t suck. In fact the opposite might be true.

Yes! You asked for advice so it’s your choice whether or not to take it.


In my personal opinion, I would highly suggest looking at @Xenon27 ‘s guide to making a good base in the first post. I would use this to help make a basic tank drive, 4 wheels and nothing fancy.

simple is usually best, and taking time to perfect a u-drive or h-drive or other fancy drives is usually unhelpful. most of the best teams in the world have always used basic tank drives; there’s a reason why you never see u drives or h drives winning worlds. tank drives are easiest to build, code, and drive, and they never fail. also, h drives are just practically worse than any other drive, since they require a 5th motor. making an x drive or mecanum drive is just better in every way than h drives.

you can do what you want, but I highly recommend a tank drive. simple is best, don’t waste any precious time building and coding a u-drive or other fancy drive; you will have lost your time and a lot of your competitiveness.


if you’re at the level where you use base plates and vex claws, then yeah I would not try anything more than a 4 motor direct drive tank drive. even gears might be a bit to fancy, 200 rpm is plenty fast for beginners.


We really like skid steers, rubber in front and omnis in back. Strong grip but it can still get around.