Does anyone have any mecanum code for vex v5 (not pro)?

does anyone have mecanum code for the non-pro v5 software? I am coding on a school computer and they don’t allow people to install the pro code, so that’s why I want it for the basic version. I don’t care if it is python, c++, or a block project.

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 1.24.48 PM This is what I have so far. I found it off the internet and I am not sure if it will work

That looks like the general format, but it looks like it is using channel 3 for rotation and mixing up a few other channels.

Here is a document I give my students when they are first working with X-Drives to understand the motor movement and signal combinations. Programming a Holonomic X-Drive.pdf (300.1 KB) It uses CH1 for rotation and the left stick for directional movement. You have to be very careful how you set up the addition and subtraction in the block code. Each putting one “2 blank” operation into another is basically like writing out the operation using parenthesis… you can easily make mistakes with the negatives and your subtraction.

Ignore my previous post… I totally read this as X-drive… I guess that is one reason why it looked wrong.

But looking at this as mecanum, it still does not look correct. Assuming that the motor directions are not reversed in the configuration, it looks like Ch3 would control rotation while Ch1 and Ch4 would control linear movement. Kind of a strange set up in my view.

It does look more correct, though, IF the motor direction was reversed on both right side motors. Then the left stick is linear movement and the right stick is rotation. Its late (for me) and I could be wrong, but I think there is still an error on the back left motor. Ch1 and Ch3 should both be +, but Ch4 should be -.

If I remember correctly, this is what it should look like if NO motors are reversed (again, you need to be careful with the nested subtraction operations).