Does anyone know when VEX U teams know if they qualified for worlds through skills?

Title. Does anyone know when vex U teams know about worlds qualifications through skills rankings.

It’s usually in the week following your regions last state competition.

VEX-U doesn’t have “state” or “regional” comps. Probably shortly after 3/14, based on robotevents:


I was going to say probably soon after 3/14, the same as @kmmohn, based on the Qualifying Criteria (although it doesn’t specifically refer to Vex U):

If an Event Region does not host a Championship event, all spots from that region will be
awarded from the World Robot Skills Standings by March 14, 2022, after all official events up to
and including those on March 13, 2022, have been finalized and posted. Teams that do not have
an official Robot Skills Score will not be eligible to receive one of these spots even if they are the
only team from that Event Region.


Also, since REC was planning 2 divisions of 40, and only 78 U-teams have posted skills, I expect all active U-teams will get invited. It’s been a hard year for VEX-U teams to recover their programs.


Thank you all for the information. I knew that tomorrow was the cut off for skills scores but I didn’t know if there was a set date to be told about qualifications.