Doing rebuild need help!

does anyone think i need to stack lifts like put a 4 bar under a 6bar
or something

Maybe but if you put a 4bar and a 6bar together you may be tippy

yeah i had that problem with a dr6b but that was my first edr build ever i tried some other insane stuff and i couldn’t get it to work but i have seen 1 or 2 good non tippy dr6bs
but im better at building now i think…i hope

my coach has just weighed in aparently i am doing a 4bar-6bar
i would probably combine the first three images right?
and where would i start a 4-6bar in the middle or the front?

Honestly just build a complex tray bot. With your experience you should be able to make a good one (and there’s a reason they’re the most prevalent design).

With what you have at the moment, I wouldn’t suggest building a 4-6 bar. You’ll be very prone to tipping with your small base and it will get complicated quickly. Also if your coach is telling you what to build then you might be doing something wrong. Good luck! :slight_smile: :smiley:

If you’re sticking with a DR4B/6B, you could try using 333A’s build method.


thx @2775Josh but i would have to respectfully disagree complex trays cant do the high tower or intake vertical stacks and in my area at my first comp i went undefeated in quals with a 6 bar that could only pick up one cube because it can stack on top of an existing tray and scene all the good bots in my area except me are all trays with the exception of @alphagoats53999f and one other. i want to compliment a good traybot but still be able to decently stack so i could carry a pushbot in quals and work okay with another tower bot.

also i have been finals alliance partners with @Micah_7157X twice now and bolth his and my coach agree and dont think it would be best for me and @jrjohn2205 to build a tray of sorts. and about the coaching part i believe coaches should advise you on what to do but not HOW to do something

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Well, if you are dead set on building a lift, then be sure to follow 333A’s tutorial, and maybe take inspiration from 21000C. As for your base, you will definitely need to add some wheelie bars to prevent your robot from tipping (or rebuild the base altogether). Good luck with your build!

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i will the base is built on 20`s
schouldnt that be enougf

also if i do any variation of a dr4b can i power it from the bottom or is it beter to do it from the middle

Powering from the bottom would make the dr4b even narrower which is not really that great. Now of course if your claw sticks out in front of the lift towers, then that should be fine. I still like putting motors on the lift tho


Well, no. With a base that narrow and a lift to reach the top tower your robot is pretty likely to fall over. And it is better to power your lift from the middle.

Cool. I’ve never been @'d in a post before. I would say that if you want to build one of these, a 20 hole base will be pretty difficult to antitip. Our base is just about max size and we can still put two stacks in the large zone and stack in the small zone. You just need to drive over the bump with one wheel and come in at an angle.

Also, awards aren’t a good thing to count on for state qualifications imo. It’s better to go for skills or tournament champion because those are things you can control, and don’t count on some stranger’s opinion. As long as you aren’t continuously going to competitions as competitive as chittenango and rome you have a chance with this design I think.

As the year goes on people will need a good tower robot so they can focus on all 3 stacks while you control towers the whole match. Some robots already can get 3 stacks of 9 in one match so having two trays serves no purpose.


i did good at bolth of those tournays i was rank 1 and rank 4 and we are undefeted in quals at bolth tournays when our claw worked

That’s because you had a really consistant robot. You had a good auton that worked well and your robot was always functioning (that I know of). You haven’t won in the eliminations yet because you don’t have very high scoring potential. If you had a partner that could score all 3 stacks every match and you did towers you would do really well. Right now most of the really good tray robots are looking for other trays to partner with so they never get over 40 ish points. If they use towers correctly they could get way more points. That’s how we still have the highest scoring match in NY with only 11 cubes stacked (r/humblebrag)

Edit: actually we’re tied for highest score. Someone else in Jericho got 74 as well


I think that you could do a double reverse six bar and make a claw to hold six cubes, with you being able to come on top and intake cubes like a tube bot, kinda like 3324v

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This is a really good example of one:


that is basikly what i want out of my bot in the future thx
does anyone know how his intake works also i cant find his intake motor

here is the current 4bar-6bar it is 2 inches to tall what should i do push the base down or shrink the middle linkage or extand the 4 bar?

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Maybe just take off the 6 bar and make it a 4 bar as well