Donating some of VEX EDR sets to Schools if not needed!

Hello Guys,

Thought of posting here to get some help. We are taking some leads in introducing Robotics programs at one of my daughter’s school (Bolingbrook High School) which they do not have. School has funding issues among various other things. We are donating EDR Superkit ($1500) to BHS to start the program otherwise it will take long time and may be another school year.

We realized that it is not the only thing they need when we donated. There are other connected things that go with their starting a VEX EDR club at school not just limited to what is shown below.

  1. VRC Tower Takeover - Full Field & Game Element Kit ($200)
  2. Competition Field Perimeter Kit ($799)
  3. Competition Field Tile Kit ($229)

We are just wondering, if someone (&graduated from school) in this forum who does not need their old equipment to be magnanimous enough to be able to donate to above high school so that 8 to 10 kids can get starting with this magnificent STEM program at their school. Please DM me to discuss.



School address:

Bolingbrook High School (BHS)
365 Raider Way, Bolingbrook, IL 60440


I’ve removed a phone number from the OP, and requested that information be exchanged through DM.


If you’re willing to do some work, you can also build the low cost field perimeter from PVC pipe and hardboard. The materials can be purchased at your local hardware store/home center pretty cheaply, so you can save quite a bit of money compared to buying the real thing.


If an alumni could donate a field that would work the best.

If that is not an option, there were cheap fields built in the past:

The most important is to get tiles that match official vex tiles the best:

Then you could split the cost on the field elements with one or two other teams in your area.


Thank you. We will definitely try.

Thank you for the suggestions. We will try too.
Do you mind sending file for 3D-printing ( . I will see what the cost will be to see if it is doable. Thx.

It makes sense to 3D print field elements like the edges of the floor goals or structural elements of the towers. I don’t have 3D models for those. Does anyone have?

It is best to buy the genuine game objects (cubes) from VEX. You don’t want 3D prints that could significantly differ from the real game objects in the surface finish and weight.

You could get a set of 36 cubes for around $150.

We love RobotMesh!

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How did you manage to make it so similar to the real field? I’m having trouble even just building the half field as it’s hard to position the pipes into their connecters. I’ve even used a dremble tool, and applied WD40. What did you use to make that field?

Per Organization, it is half the cubes (18) but not 36 that you mentioned for that price ($150)

It is @Manuel from team JWU1, see their original post: Cheap turning point Field
Nice build quality, isn’t it?


there should be a low-cost forum; i think a lot of people would benefit and it seems like plenty of people have been extremely creative.

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