Cheap turning point Field

Hello Vex Forum,

My name is Manuel Rosado and I am the president of the JWU Vex Robotics Club from Johnson & Wales University team JWU1. I am posting the Vex turning point field that my team did in under $500.00. It is all in 3D printing parts, PVC pipes, and wood. I will leave down bellow all the 3D printed parts for everybody to make them. Also, we bought all our mats and white tape at Walmart. The wood and PVC pipes were all from HOME DEPOT. I am putting all this to help the community without spending a lot of money on the official field. If you want the 3D pieces just tell me your email and i will send you the files as well as the dimension.



Nice job Manuel! looks good!


Woah! Those look just normal game peices, excellent job! Do they weigh the same as actual peices?

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Hello, Everything is made but the field elements are not 3D printed. I just bought them from the vex store and the flags too.

Although they would weight the same if they were 3D printed right. The caps and balls are PLA.

But they wouldn’t be as smooth, you could make a mold using the starting package tho, and many a team nearby has a cap u could mold

oh lol thought the pieces were 3D printed as well.
still pretty cool1

That’s really nice. The field is really expensive. So its nice how you got your team’s to be able to have one under budget.

nice work. Save a lot

Please don’t share your email online.

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The Delmarva Region Season has ended, if you are close and want one, contact me, there are 6 that I know of.

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Hello Daniel,
I send you everything to your email.
Please delete the email that you have here so that nobody could mess with it.


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@Manuel This looks really good! Could you please send me those 3D prints?

@WillRider yeah,
Just send me your email in message.

For the platform, what is the diameter of the PVC pipes and what did you use to attach them together? Also how long are the PVC pipes?