Dr. Woodie Flowers - STEM Hall of Fame 2017

It was our honor to induct the “Father of Educational Robotics”, Dr. Woodie Flowers, into the STEM Hall of Fame at the 2017 VEX Robotics Worlds Championship. Check out his inspirational acceptance speech given to VEX IQ Challenge students below.

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## My hero!

No safety glasses! Gasp!

That’s back when men were men.
(And, uh, maybe just not so bright.)

By the way: if you were at Worlds for Starstruck, you might have seen astronaut Dan Tani receive an award on stage. He’s in that 1981 video wearing a green shirt, as a student.

When I was at FIRST worlds this year, Woodie walked next to me and I felt like I had just been passed by an angle!

Which size angle?

Probably an obtuse one.

Could have been a cute one.