Dr4b issues

This year we built a dr4b with a 4 cube claw on the front. When we have 4 cubes in the slaw can we raise up, when it reaches about half way it starts to lean to the side. Can anyone think of what could be happening to the lift.

Each side is independent of each otheother to some degree and the bars can and will rotate if the difference in weight is too much. The solution is to do cross bracing 「X bracing」there should be some threads you could search up which will explain that.


Also, make sure both sides of the lift are exactly the same. Any difference and lift will screw up.


Check to make sure both motors have the same gear cartridges, and then check to see if anything is jamming up

First thing you should do use replace the shaft joints with screw joints. You can use standoffs to cover the extra space if each side of the midsection is more than 6 holes wide. Then make sure you cross brace it like @meepmeepme said.

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Ok thanks for the advice we will try these ideas out.

K shaped bracing works better. Box 2 c channels going across the 2 bars you want to brace and use 2 more to make triangles. IMG_20190829_101840


Oh ok thank you for the help