Driver control won’t work

Hey, after updating our controller and brain we ran the driver control system about a week ago. Today, i was making sure that it still worked, and the driver control did not work. The brain is on VexOS 1.1.1, and the controller linked normally. Can anyone please help?

Can you share your code?

Did you upload your code after the firmware update?

This is just regular driver control (no code), so it runs off of standard controls.

Found the problem-the brain and controller need a update.
VexOS updates

Were you able to update to 1.1.2? For some reason the firmware updater and VEXCode aren’t showing anything beyond 1.1.1 for me.

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It’s not actually been pushed out yet (don’t ask).
most likely will be tomorrow.

and this is most likely not your actual issue.


Do you know what it might be then?

Update: after updating both the brain and controller, the driver control and program did not work. The code is
#Library imports From vex import * Begin project code

After testing a different controller on our robot, we found out that the controller was broken, not the brain.

try re-calibrating the joysticks on ur old controller, that did it for us one time

We had one bad controller, the one that wasn’t working just happened to be the one