Dual intake

Me and my team have been discussing and debating having two intakes. so far its gone like this:


  • Intake from multiple directions
  • More straight forward driving


  • Difficult to build
  • More prone to problems


Nothing But Net

What are your thoughts on multiple intakes? Where would you put them? Front? Back? Sides?

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One of the best flywheel orgs in China (CFR) has a dual intake. Honestly if you can get it to work then I don’t see why a team wouldn’t at least consider it.

Btw, they won APAC sig HS div and have a super consistent intake.


A lot of people from BTOW are doing it. @EcstaticPilot maybe.

I don’t personally like it. I think it’s just pointless if you’re doing tank. If you’re doing X then it makes sense, but don’t do it if you’re doing tank. It certainly doesn’t hinder you, but I just don’t get it. Maybe you figure out a strat that can maximize its potential though?


One point that came up during my teams discussion was that it would be helpful for clearing out the low goal.

I’m definitely doing a dual intake, not like the China orgs above, but still a double intake.

Good luck figuring it out if you go for it :slight_smile:


I am not doing a dual intake right now but may do it later in the season

While we haven’t seen this one in action, 1469A released a reveal video of their dual intake robot if you wanted to see a robot in slightly higher definition. From watching matches from various tournaments it seems like while there were situations in which a dual intake would have been beneficial, overall the time saved from having one wouldn’t be very large. It’s up to your team to decide whether you need that slight edge over your opponents.


For X drives side dual intakes op

I mean side dual intakes on X are effectively the same as front back intakes right?

Side intakes could be used to pick up disks while aiming torwards the goal at the same time in center portion of the map

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I forget people aren’t going for turrets lmao

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Couldn’t you argue that it makes more sense to do a double intake for tank drives because with X-drives you can rotate while driving to face the intake in the correct direction?

Personally I don’t think double intakes will be the meta, but they are an interesting idea


You would still run into the same issue of having a fixed shooter and having to turn to face the high goal.

Yes you can do some extra manoeuvring to have the disc, intake and high goal all line up, but that requires having to drive around the disc somewhat, unless it’s already in position.

Both X drives and Tank drives have good enough point turns, and they would both benefit from dual intakes, because at most you would have to spin 90 degrees to pick up a disc and shoot it, compared to single intake 180 degrees turn at most.

However, turrets fix this issue (still going for turret+dual intake tho)


Imagine an X-drive with a quadruple intake :eyes:


I know there was this one team with triple intake + turret for nothing but net I think

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ngl was something I wanted to try, but not gonna waste my time on it because it’s not as important to me

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Having the intakes on the side means you don’t have to move around the disk, then move forward to pick it up, and if it’s on the side then obviously you would want one on both sides

I’m the operator of the 7890E, Double intake is actually not that much easier for me, Because the whole machine is too heavy when it’s finished, I don’t think it’s worth it to trade machine speed for double intake


What caused the extra weight, I think it could’ve built to be pretty light.