Dual post?

For a question that applies to both, is it ok to post same in both General IQ and General EDR since I guess some people mute one or the other?

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I believe you can add tags/topics to your post. If you add VIQ and VRC, I think both “sides” will see it, AFAIK.
For reference, I’m talking about the tag names and colored squares that show up under the thread title.

I thought those were forum assigned based on the category you start a topic in.

I do see “optional tags” and it seems I have to make those up. I wonder what they do?

Were optional tags mentioned in d-iscobot’s tutorials, and I missed it?

Wiki/sticky/pinned for this, or some external reference?

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Tagging posts is an entirely separate thing. It does not affect the category of the topic at all, so it shouldn’t affect who sees the topic based on their muted categories.

Perhaps @DRow could add a channel for combined discussion of both IQ and EDR. VEX IQ/EDR Combined Discussion, perhaps?

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I’m not sure that’d be a good idea, but it would be better than dual posts for those who monitor both channels.

I could word the second post differently, but that might violate the spirit, if not the letter, of the “law”.