Dwanye Ringle

I need the Dwanye Johnson Ringle in a file under 25mb. I found the 38mb one, but it is too big.

Do you plan on handing it out to unsuspecting teams? :slight_smile:

Yes, and placing many around our rooms.

You can print the low quality one I posted. It’s only 1mb. It won’t look as good as the high quality 38mb one but you can still tell that it’s the rock and if you print it anywhere from 0.4-1.2 mm layer height it should look pretty good (With the low quality file I used 1.2 and it looked ok, with 0.4 it looked pretty good but it will take a long time).

I made it so I can use the high-quality one, and I convinced my coach to print one. I am going to print 3 this weekend when I have time and then give them to our friends at states.

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Extraordinary on your part to try and convince the coach and even more extraordinary on the coach’s part to be convinced.

Hey, our organization managed to get the coach to print out… several… of this:

With enough determination (and filament), any meme can come to life.


Beese Churger? Quite impressive.

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