"Early Next Week"

As i’m sure many of you are aware, they announced last Friday that those who applied for V5 beta testing will be notified “early next week.” I’m fairly positive that means Monday or Tuesday, right? Do any of you have a second opinion on what “early next week” means, or has anyone already seen this email?

I was just about to post the same thing. I am unsure exactly what they meant, but you know as soon as we get the emails the forum will explode. Until then, I think we can be sure the emails haven’t been sent.

Could also be later in the evening…

A watched pot never boils.

I’m certain getting back from CES and doing a lot of other things makes this period in January very very busy for the folks at VEX.

i got sad and thought i didn’t make the cut
hope is back alive

I don’t expect to make the cut in the first place, but they send you an email even if you don’t make it.

We’ll the odds are a lot better of getting picked for this with only 1,700 people not going to make the cut. However the more experience you mentioned in your application the more likely you’re probably going to have of getting it

The FIRST FRC season started on the sixth, for sales, the first 6 weeks has got to be their busiest time. So a little patience is good. It will help you later in business.

So here are some standard times:
By the end of the day = midnight or 2 hours before your start time
End of the week = sometime on Sunday
By the end of the quarter = 10th of the month after the last day in the quarter
Won’t be a moment = moment is 2-3 hours
You are next in the queue = after all the people that jumped ahead of you
We have a truck now in the dock = all we need to do is make, pack and load your order into it.

Deep beaths !!!


How I feel about @DRow response


It seems like VEX runs on Cuban time, as they say here in Miami…

(no hate intended)

I got an email, but I was not selected.

Same. Oh well.

Same for me…

I cri evry tim

I also am not a beta tester. Pretty much what I expected so no tears here

No go here as well

I didn’t either

This will prob. be a form of “not me” because I bet that next to “Congratulations” it said “you are not allowed to tell people about being selected.”

people have already publicly anounced that they’ve been accepted

Only 1 person on the forum said they got it. There is still hope for some of us