Educational Resources from VEX U team QUEEN

Hello World,

One of our goals from the start with our team was to make as much available as possible in terms of educational resources for the VEX community, based on the technical training that we develop for our own team. We finally got around to making that a reality this weekend. Here is a couple videos from a programming training session that I ran last week, where I talked about feedback loops as an introduction to robotics programming concepts. We’ll continue to post more material as we continue with our technical training. (Sorry for the bad video quality, we’ll try to improve that in the future.)

Note that, while this presentation was targeted at first and second year engineering students, it was also specifically targeted at people who have little to no robotics experience, so I hope it can be useful for new programmers at the highschool level as well. If any of the math that I referenced confuses you, I highly recommend 3Blue1Brown; he teaches concepts from calculus and linear algebra - both key areas of math related to controls engineering - based only on a grade school level understanding of algebra.

Finally, I’m very much seeking feedback on presentation style, quality, topics, how well everything is explained, etc. If you have any suggestions (or questions about the content), please feel free to respond here, PM me, send me a message on Discord, or however else you feel. Good luck to everyone this season, and I hope this can be a bit helpful!

PS Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians. (coincidence?)