Elavated field designs

I am a boy scout and for an eagle scout project I was thinking about elevateing my robotics teams field, the only problem is that I have no clue where to start as of designing it.
is there anyone who has an elevated field that has the designs that can be given out so I can get some Ideas?
thank you
James Chase

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Here are the plans for the Team VIRUS field risers. These are super sturdy, but they are all-aluminum and kind of expensive. You can see them on our facebook page being used at the MS State Championship. Field riser plans.pdf (1.1 MB)


thease look good but I am planning on makeing it out of wood thank you though

That is a nice looking raised field design. The instructions are very good as well. One question - how stable is that field? It looks like it should be very stable based on the interlocking between all of the sections.
As for machining you might be able to get it done at a university that has a mechanical machine shop at a fraction of the cost. I have that luxury and could probably get the machining done free.

Good job! These are fantastic.

They are Really sturdy. We use 1/2" OSB for the top boards, and easily support 200 pound adults without any concern. You could go to 3/4" plywood for more even more strength, but it would definitely be overkill.

Placed on a flat floor (gym), they are perfectly level and solid. We originally built them for our outdoor event at the Monroe County Fair…on a grassy lawn. We have lots of 4"x4" blocks, 1/8" & 1/4" squares of masonite, 1/2" OSB squares, and chunks of 2x4 that we use along with a 4’ level to set the field risers level when the ground isn’t. “Free” machining will save you about $500. If you have a parent/mentor who works in industry, some of the t-slot components could be “free” too. I got about half the material for ours that way.

That is great info. One question I just thought of as I looked over the design again. How is the plywood attached to the frame? Or, do you just set it on the frame?

It just sits there. I once had side plates (4-hole joining plates for 80/20) but they aren’t really needed.

I plan on screwing my plywood to the wooden frame
I also plan on screwing the field parameters to the extension as well

so at this point I have decided that I am going to design one and release it to the forums so everyone can either use it or modify it to their own needs


We made 9 wood tables and set the field on top of them

not yet but next monday might be the day

here are my designs
the first pic is all the math for the pieces and the price math
the second pic is the leg structure under every single joint on the frame along with the cabinet to store stuff under the field and the border to hold the field in the frame
the third pic is the mainframe itself
it will cost approx. $900
if you think it needs to be modified then please tell me, otherwise, everyone can use it and have fun building it and using it

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