Electronic Design notebook product / examples

Disclosure: I know one of the developers for this product.

I wish there was a category that would cover IQ nd VRC for stuff like this!

I was a beta user for HeatCorp’s EDEN (Electronic design engineering notebook). I really liked it and I think you might too!!!

I’m a middle school robotics teacher and all of my students benefited from the electronic notebooks. From my inexperienced teams that barely did it to the teams that would record everything… It was really great. Pictures went in without a problem and their code (from blocks to text) can be copied quickly in as well. The students are managed by the coach if they needed to change teams, and you have a single URL that will last for the season as the team progresses.

It was really easy for me to grade their notebooks as well. We use Canvas, and the kids would just put their link into Canvas each week and I would just check the dates for the entries from there.


A few student examples:


Just a few of the features:

Features E- Portfolios/Journals HEAT Corp’s EDEN
Add Pictures/Videos/Text/CAD Drawings Yes Yes
Dates Locked and Date Stamped No Yes
Feature which locks a Final Entry from deletion-all entries are permanent No Yes
Forces the use of a cross through to identify deletions—locks page removal- No Yes
Provides Project Manager/Teacher ability to guide and check teams EDP steps with advanced approval by engineering design area. No Yes
Private Project Manager/Teacher to Team date stamped notes in entries No Yes
Provides Team members notes to add-date stamped in specific entries No Yes
Adheres entries to the individual steps of the engineering/creative/technological design process No Yes
Provides STEM Comp Judges Feedback to Teacher to Share Per STEM Challenge No Yes
Provides an opportunity for coach teacher affidavit to verify student only work No Yes
Provides Video Links for STEM Challenge Activity Verification and Sharing No Yes


Also, our district has strict policies regarding student privacy. So you know what scheme they are using to assure this?

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Notebook Quantity Price per Notebook
1-10 EDEN 24.99 each
11-25 EDEN 19.99 each
26-50 EDEN 14.99 each
51-100 EDEN 11.99 each
200+ EDEN Call For Pricing

Good question. The students don’t have to include any personal information, and you can even have fake emails / names so nothing could be identifiable to the student. As the teacher you can manage passwords so they don’t need the email to be real. If you could DM me your school’s policy I can follow up.


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