Elevation Tier Scoring VR Over Under

I have a student who has been fiddling with the VR Over-Under playground, working on skills. I am curious if the Elevation TIer Scoring is working or if we are misinterpreting it. She has the Hero BOT hanging from the Elevation bar, not on any other field elements and what is (I think) clearly above the tier A line, but gets zero elevation tier points. Are we missing something?

is it touching the ground

it is hard to see but it might not be elevated or there is a glitch

New View, it is not touching the ground.

okay i do not know sorry about that

Welcome to the forum. Thanks for bringing this up.
You can’t actually score elevation points in VR, the robot was never intended to be able to elevate although as you have shown it is possible at the moment.


OK, I’ll buy that, however I have one question. If the BOT was never intended to score elevation points in VR, why is Elevation Tier included in the VR playground in the upper left corner?

Good question! I don’t know, but my guess is most likely because the field design and rules are known to the developers long before the herobot.

Correct - we get the game manual to know what is functional for scoring before we get the hero robots and rig them into VR and make them interactive. You’ll notice in the latest VR update (published last night) that we removed the elevation scoring indicator :grinning: