EMERGENCY: Need for Pneumatics Valve Vancouver

We are 4471A from Vancouver. Our comp is tomorrow, however our pneumatics valve is completely broken. We need to borrow a new valve or else both of our expansion and flywheel will not work! We are also willing to buy it for $200 if any team in Vancouver are willing to sell it.

Please tell us if there is any way to mount pneumatics without the valve.

Hello and welcome to the forum! Although I’m afraid I can’t sell you a valve as I live on the other side of the world, I’m sure there is a solution to your problem that doesn’t require one. By valve I assume you mean a manual switch like the one below?

If so, you can actually just bend your tubing 180 degrees and using a bit of vrc-legal rope tie it off to keep it like this. It’s not an elegant solution, and I’ve never tested it myself with pneumatics, but it works great with water pipes around the farm so hopefully the same applies to your pneumatics. Please note that this solution has a pretty high chance of damaging your tubing, so it should really be a temporary solution only.