ENGINEERING Division Reveals

I am doing the same thing as roboraven91, but for the ENGINEERING division

For the convenience of team scouting, and to give teams a head start, I’ve created this thread for all ENGINEERING division teams to post your reveals in.

I encourage teams who are in other divisions to create a similar thread for their respective division!

If you’re a engineering division team, feel free to post info on your team/bot, or a reveal below

You forgot to change the last line from my post. In this thread, if you’re in the ENGINEERING division feel free to post below

5691W will be in the engineering division

Click here to see our reveal.

Good luck everyone:)

This is for 6430B. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

Are both robots identical?

Nice robots though!

Yes, with a few minor differences. :slight_smile:

Here’s our reveal video.

The thread is

We are really excited for worlds :slight_smile:

Finally got our reveal video done!

Here is the link.

2x 2 motor speed drive
1x 4 motor 1:7 8 bar lift
1x 2 motor 1:7 8 bar lift
1 cortex and 1 power expander
8 foot wire chain made of wire and chain zip-tied together.
Deploys and pushed cubes for ~4-7 pt autonomous

Look forward to seeing all of you in the Engineering Division!


Not one, but 2 doggies! Take that Inspector Gadget :smiley:
(By the way thanks for calling us a world class team. We’re excited to compete against your tether bot.) :slight_smile:

Specs here