Engineering notebook help :/

hii! my team has already began building our robot for spinup. our notebook has been a mess and just random pages :frowning: some or most of the pages are missing from the past month of our building. i dont know what to do and im planning to copy the pages i have into a notebook but idk about the missing parts.


There is a digital notebook solution coming from VEX that I think teams will like a lot. It is scheduled to be released end of August (aka real soon now).

What I recommend you do with original notebook pages is take pictures of them that you can include in new digital notebook. Do no copy.

While waiting for DN release, research engineering process that your team will use as a fresh start consistently to achieve better outcomes. The notebook is a communication tool between team members that document critical decisions the team has made, the design, prototypes and testing write-ups are important.

Good luck, do not despair! and

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And search this forum. Some great teams over the years have posted amazing samples of their World Championship Excellence and Design Award winning notebooks. Game may be different, but the process and type of documentation stays the same.


Wait what? How will this work with judging? Is useing the offical vex digital notebook going to be looked better upon by judges? I allready have a very very long digital note book that a lot of effort has been put into it.

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Don’t panic. Plenty of us have seen this solution at the EP Summit and using it or not will in no way effect how your team will be judged. It’s the same as VEX providing a paper notebook option and teams choosing to purchase something different for their team. It’s simply a series of templates (with some really cool features), not a step-by-step guide.


ok great i guess i will be trying to hook up some of the new teams with this and a physical notebook.


Judges are looking at your engineering journey - be it written in crayon or Digital wiz bang tool.

I expect to see a lot of CAD drawings from myriad of sources, do I care if it SketchUp for Schools or OnShape - nope, just tools for expression.

What judges will see are journeys of teams just starting and struggling to document their great ideas - this tool will help those teams. We have lots of teams with great ideas that never are documented. Hopefully this will change over time.

Like I said - real soon now … I expect this tool will not be for seasoned teams that have well established engineering design processes and documentation.

Judges will still delight having in-person interviews as well.


and that is a great attitude - find the right tool for new teams.


Hi! I notebook for my team and remember this feeling well. Some way that I tried to avoid this was by a simple outline.

  • An outline made in Google sheets gave me the flexibility to map out where I wanted the pages so I wasn’t going blind into what I was writing about. I also have a supporting Google Docs that goes into detail about what goes on that page (pictures, data, research, etc.)

The outline format I use specifically is pretty much the Engineering Design Process with some rubric filling addins (goals, timelines, etc.) Getting started though I would include season goals, game analysis, team introductions, etc.

  • If you have to miss a day for some reason, then I recommend talking with your team to write a log of what happen, making a chart of testing, etc. As well as asking them to take pictures of what they did (ask for multiple views and close-ups of intricate parts).

For the missing parts, I would ask your team what they recall about the building process. It may also have to be a part you have to miss out on and try better for the next few months.

  • I would include also your brainstorming and research, yes it will take a lot of time, but it will benefit you in the long run!

Hope this helps!


Will you make a post if DRow doesn’t when this is released? My team has just been using google docs and it isn’t great. We have been hoping that all competitions move to digital, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

Ye of little faith - Drow will let you know when it is time.


ahh! ok, thanks for the info. :smiley:

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I have no faith with the stock issues. I have lost all hope. This forum is the only reason i might get ‘A new Hope’

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I am assuming you mean parts availability. That is global issue in all industries - walk down an aisle in any big box and quantity and breadth of items available is hugely unpredictable.

From an engineering perspective it is a constraint that you have little control over and just means you have to come up with solutions that do without those items.


I absolutely love your positive attitude and openmindedness!

Will you accept these records from my team, documenting our vex jorney?


Yes, please deliver them to the loading dock near door 20- the other loading dock is the cafeteria service dock - which is acceptable if it meets federal guidelines.

Note that district limits staff being able to lift 35# loads. to their chest level, unless notified in advance.

@Illyana thank you for bringing this to our attention for VEX IQ events we host this season.