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My team is going to Worlds and this is our first time going to Worlds in metal VEX so we’re not sure how the whole award system works. What I was wondering is even if you didn’t get an Exellence or Design award in prior competitions will the judges still evaluate your notebook? They indirectly reference them in multiple judges awards but it seems that they only allow teams with said awards to turn them in.

Regarding awards at worlds, please see here: %between%

Regarding excellence at worlds:

Regarding design at worlds:

As can be seen, while the excellence award at worlds has the requirement of having won an excellence/design award in prior comps, the design award does not. Your notebook will be evaluated for design award as long as it is submitted and the online form has been completed. Turns out I was wrong, both awards require design or excellence to have been won in prior tournaments. The online form must be completed as well (the deadline already passed.)

The awards such as amaze, build, create and think are all based on the INTERVIEW (which is no longer a sit-down interview, it is a pit interview), not notebook. See this statement that notated as “key criteria” for each of those awards:

Sorry, the above information is incorrect. You must win excellence or design at an event to be eligible for design at Worlds.

Design Award at VEX Worlds At VEX Worlds, only teams that have previously won an Excellence or Design Award at an official event will be eligible to submit an Engineering Notebook for review by the Judges. Teams will submit their Engineering Notebooks at check in. Teams with high quality Engineering Notebooks will be selected for Design Award interviews in the Team Pit Areas. Teams are not given scheduled sit down interviews for the Design Award at VEX Worlds. Teams must sign up to submit their Engineering Notebooks at from February 1, 2017, until March 20, 2017. Failure to meet this deadline will make the team ineligible to submit a notebook at VEX Worlds.

@kcinnamon Shoot, sorry I posted the wrong info, I was sure I had that right. :confused: I will correct my post. Where did you find this?

Awards appendix D

Does anyone know where we sign up for the meeting with the judges, at worlds because whenever we attempt to it says that the information will be released in February.

@JustinSanderson Sorry, but the deadline has already passed for design/excellence award sign-ups.

@ethan_matlack how do you know if you are sighned up? Is there a picture or like representation of that you are sighned up to submit your notebook?

You would have received a confirmation email from the RECF. This is part of the Team FAQ all teams should read before going to Worlds. You can find the FAQ for the World division you are in on RobotEvents

If you log in to your robot events account it will also tell you which awards you are officially signed for.