Equality in VEX

Earlier today, there was a post on the forum that discussed the topic of equality in a negative way. Since we believe this post was not meant to be taken seriously and feel it was disrespectful, it was immediately deleted. Further, since this violates our forum rules the poster’s account has been banned.

However, we take equality very seriously and by no means intend to “silence” this discussion, even if it was posted by a troll. Please know that VEX is always trying to ensure that our program is as inclusive as possible. We hope you’ll enjoy being a part of the VEX community regardless of your race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. If you ever have any concerns please e-mail "forumsupport@vexrobotics.com" so we can start a constructive discussion.

From me, and everyone else at VEX, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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Thank you @DRow

I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s a breath of fresh air and a welcome change to see the issue of censorship acknowledged and addressed in this way.

This forum is a really important place for people to exchange ideas and to just plain old interact.

Let’s keep it a clean, safe and hate free space without loosing the ability to talk about and express a wide range of ideas, opinions and emotions regarding a range of STEM topics.

I’ll be the first to admit that post was funny.

One post in this thread was edited for language. Please remember the forum rules, specifically:


Oh sorry about that.