[error]: make process closed with exit code : null

I updated from Vexcode V5 text, an older version i downloaded sometime last year, to Vexcode Pro V5 and whenever I try to build my code I get this error: [error]: make process closed with exit code : null. There is nothing else in the output, it just says “Project saved!” and then the error pops up. Even if I open a new project and change nothing, the error pops up and I can’t download the code onto my robot.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Is there any way to download an older version of vexcode? Or download vexcode v5 text again?(I am on mac by the way)

Not really, and to be honest, the latest versions of VEXcode V5 Pro are not that different from earlier versions. Some sensors were added etc. but the core build system is basically the same.

You may just want to try reinstalling.
What version of MacOS are you running ? Is everything else other than building working ? perhaps use the feedback tool to send VEX information about your system.


Previously there was no SDK version being displayed which was the issue but I deleted the files for vexcode and the application and reinstalled and its working now. Previously I was just deleting the application but the files were still there which was why nothing was changing when I reinstalled. Thank you!

having the same issue and deleted all vexcode files and application, reinstalled, but still no SDK version displayed, what exactly did you have to delete (I thought I got everything)?

did you delete the folder at (for example)

/Users/james/Library/Application\ Support/VEXcode\ Pro\ V5

I saw feedback, looks like you are on a Mac with Big Sur.


I just downloaded the app today and it poped up with the null error code. Would redownloading it do any good?

I haven’t deleted anything except for the downloading file that wasn’t needed anymore.

yea exactly what i thought. I just downloaded it today and it wasn’t working. what i’m thinking is either the computer is too old or there is an error in the code that we both missed.

I’m also getting this error ([error]: make process closed with exit code : null)when using either the Beta or the regular download of VexCode Pro. I have a Mac running Monterey (12.6) and an M1 Pro chip. Help?