Essential Tool Kit

Hi everyone, i have decided to put an essential tool box together for when we go to competitions, basically, last time we took all our stuff with us … everything and it was a pain, so this time, i suggested that we take 2 tool boxes, one with spares like metal, cogs, sensors, motors etc … and one for tools, for this tool kit i propose these items to be in it:

5 x 3/32 Allen Keys
5 x 5/64 Allen Keys
1 x pair of pliers
1 x adjustable spanner
1 x vex spanner
1 x precision screwdriver set
Assorted Electrical Tape
1 x pair of Scissors

… other than that, i cant think of anything else … any suggestions on what tools would be useful … or anything that i might have over looked

Always have a fulled charged spare battery on the field

Yes… good idea ! … we have a spare …

Do you use the pliers in place of the VEX wrenches? If not then I suggest a few wrenches as well. Our team also has a battery box that carries our batteries and our four chargers all plugged into an outlet splitter. A cable on the outside of the box lets us plug the whole box into another outlet and the chargers go to work. Depending on how many batteries/chargers you have this may be a good option if you want to save space and time.

that is a great idea, we have 2 chargers and 3 batteries, so we could get a box, a 2 way extension, and do what you do … thats brilliant ! … thank you, and we use both pliers and wrenches/spanners …

One thing that i’m trying to get my team to do is to pair up bolts and nuts(hand tighten them together). That way you don’t need to rush to find a necessary connector.
Also, I would recommend swapping the scissors for tin snips(Unless they’re heavy duty enough to cut metal).
Also i would add thin wire and string, so that way you can repair hard to reach places.
A multi-meter to measure the voltage of a battery will be useful
Scouting forms,advertisements, and zipties would also be nice

a hand-fill of Zip ties could be very useful :slight_smile:

I have found a nut driver, needle nose pliers, and vicelocks very useful.

Yes … that is a good idea, i will also put some elastic bands in there

… oh … a nut driver … good idea … we already have pliers !


Hack saw…
but always require the kids to get permission before destroying parts. I try to discourage cutting for prototypes… only if you can’t possibly do it with a slight redesign.

Also a small removable suction cup vise is useful or clamps that can work as a vise by clamping to a table.

The multimeter is great…but we also use a cheap battery tester that puts a load on the battery which is the only real test. These can be purchased very cheaply… like a few bucks on the internet. Radioshack has them for about twice the price. The tester works for 7.2v and 9 volt batteries.

And at the other end of the price spectrum is this.

Battery Beak

It’s a nice unit, I had a demo at worlds by Mike but am still having trouble justifying the cost.

Having the allen wrenches is great, but a socket wrench will always make the connections tighter (as long as the nut is easily accessable). Things get loose a lot less often if they’re tighter to start with.

Our team purchased one this summer but we also have an FRC program so one tester for both batteries with the addition of an Anderson to Tamaya converter was an easier decision.

yes good idea with the multimeter … thanks !

If you have an old joystick, radio controlled, you can use it for checking batteries or you can use the robot and have you programming software tell you the voltage.

Yes … with program hardware kit …

So very cool!!! I would think that these would be a must have tool for all competition teams…

An extra robot…

Lol … but

<R1> Only one (1) robot will be allowed to compete per team in the VEX Robotics Competition. Though it is
expected that teams will make changes to their robot at the competition, a team is limited to only one (1)
robot. The VEX Robotics Design System is intended to be a mobile robotics design platform. As such, a
VEX robot, for the purposes of the VRC, has the following subsystems:
Subsystem 1: Mobile robotic base including wheels, tracks, legs, or any other mechanism that allows the
robot to navigate the majority of the flat playing field surface.
Subsystem 2: Power and control system that includes a VEX legal battery, a VEX control system, and
associated motors for the mobile robotic base.
Subsystem 3: Additional mechanisms (and associated motors) that allow manipulation of game objects or
navigation of field obstacles.

I used to get these from for about $5. …but don’t see them now. Ebay has them for $6 to $10 including shipping depending if you want bid or buy now.