ETA for Smart Port to Legacy Port Expander?

With V5 this year, teams are still forced to use legacy sensors in the 3-wire ports (except vision of course). While a number of other V5 parts have been announced, and some new components included in the new V5 kits, there has been no recent mention of the legacy port expander. Is this still coming?

I have teams that will quickly use all 8 ports for sensors, even with smart motors. While this may not be an issue for teams that rely on a high level of manual control, I always encourage my teams to automate as much as they can as I would rather have them spend their time programming and building than practicing performing repetitive tasks better left to software. This approach only works with enough sensors…

Hey there!

To be totally honest it’s hard to imagine using 8 ports. Could you maybe talk more about your teams’ designs so we can try to figure out a way to save ports?

As for the expander, it wasn’t listed in their announcement so I’d assume it’ll be delayed even more. It’s not even on the product page on their website to my knowledge.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got, sorry I don’t have more insight into this. Good luck!

VEX Sales told me about three weeks ago they expected to have it up on the site after two weeks or so, so about by now. That doesn’t imply anything about when it will ship, though.

As for the ports, let’s say you have a side and front ultrasonic distance sensor, and you use both sides to account for red/blue. Well, there go 6 ports. A few limit switches or bumpers will push you right past 8. And maybe you want some values that won’t change when the motors turn on so you want to include some pots, too. Etc.

An ETA on the legacy port expander would be really nice. It’s extremely easy to reach the port limit.
For example, 4 quad encoders on the whole robot already takes up all 8 slots. Even though the v5 motors have encoders built in, accurate tracking for just odometry takes 3 encoders for tracking wheels. That’s just encoders, but factoring in ultrasonic sensors with two ports each, any limit switches, bumpers, etc. really limits what a team can do in that front compared to what a team could do on the cortex system, regardless of how many utilities such as current the motor allows the user to utilize to replace things like limit switches.