Everything available in a kit!

I don’t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere, and it is super simple, but it bears repeating.

If you have something that is available in a kit, but not available to be ordered by itself, that should be fixed.

Most notably is the V5 claw (and the small metal gear that comes with it). My district purchased 30 v5 upgrade kits and 10 V5 clawbot kits, so now I only have 10 V5 claws for my 40 robots. I also don’t have enough U channel (that comes with the v5 clawbot kit) to follow the basic clawbot design in my intro to robotics class. Also with that many kits and as many kids as I have, sometimes the parts get lost (like the little 12 tooth metal gear) and there is no way to replace it currently.

I would like others to comment with any other Kit only parts that they want to see standalone, because I know there are more examples.

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V5 claw (duh)
The 12 tooth metal pinions are already available separately
Ah yes: the 4 inch normal axle especially the 4 inch axle. I also dont get why 2 inch axles are sold. They’re too short to be used for anything. I feel like vex should sell packs of 3&4 inch instead of 2&3.


I like the ratchets for certain things but am annoyed to have to buy that whole winch and pulley kit for them.
Battery cable to V5 brain should be available separately and in different lengths!


They are


yeah, no not really…

The question was why can you not buy items in a kit separately?

Or buy motors with only the desired cartridge?

Or a replacement claw?

Or the thin 12 tooth gear…

The list is extensive!

How about structure parts?

These are all legitimate questions.

Power cable assortment pack means you are buying two that you may never use.


Woohoo!! Thank you much - I checked last season and didn’t find them at the time and hadn’t looked again.


On the good side - the motor housing inserts are available - a lot have stripped here, so having a fix is important.


All the unique structure pieces found in the clawbot would be nice to buy separately. and in aluminum please.


you can get the high strength ones which are essentially double width of a regular sized gear. But with the V5 claw, they come with the skinnier ones, which are the same size as the little green 12 tooth gears. Or am I missing something? 276-2251 is not the one I am talking about.

I was talking about the normal 4 inch axles not the HS 4 inch axles. You get normal 4 inch axles in the clawbot kit (for legacy) but you cant buy them seperately

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