Exception Handler

I am the computer programmer of VEX Team 6135H. I have been trying to work with exception handlers utilizing the C++ emulating nature of VEX Coding Studio and now am attempting to do so through the VEX Code programming language as well. In order to practice this type of programming concept, I have chosen to create a program that calculates a system’s speed through a for loop using a maximum value of 100 that is divided by the index value of the iteration itself thereby creating an exponential shrink of the system’s velocity over a given displacement. However, despite the fact that I have use an if-statement that throws an integer value of 100 to the catch-block, the program simply tells me that it cannot use ‘try’ or ‘throw’ with exceptions disabled. I have tried 2 months ago to use the commands on C Plus Plus’s website to activate exceptions in VCS, but it did not work. Does anyone know how to activate the usage of exception handlers within the context of VEX Code? Any and all help would be appreciated?

exceptions are usually disabled in VEXcode, and I’ve done very little testing with them enabled. You would need to modify the build files in your project to turn them on, the linter will still complain but the project should build.

PROS supports exceptions, and will also print them to the terminal.
If you want to be able to paste C++ code from non-vex sources, PROS is your best bet as it is barely modified from standard gcc settings.