EXP batteries for IQ?

Not often does a teacher stump me, but I can’t find an answer to this question: Can EXP batteries be used with an IQ brain?

If yes, that leads to the follow up question of would they be competition legal? I can’t seem to find the part number for an exp battery and don’t have access to one to look.


Yes, they fit, I don’t know about competition legality, I suspect not but that’s a GDC question.


The manual is clear, the only way they would be competition legal is if they carried the same part number. That’s the big question.


I’m pretty sure they will have different parts numbers as the actual cells inside are different.


At US Open, they made a announcement specifically stating that EXP batteries were not allowed to be used in IQ.

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Does someone have an image of which EXP batteries are being referenced? We are looking for some alternatives for practice batteries, so seeing which EXP batteries “fit” in IQ.

There is only one EXP battery and it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 10.34.36 AM

Shape-wise, it’s an IQ battery wearing a backpack.


EXP batteries are currently only available as part of the EXP Education kit, they are the same physical size as IQ Generation 2 batteries, but have a different specification due to the higher power demands of EXP. They are a slightly different color and silk screened text is red rather than blue.


It’s the same shape as an IQ gen 2 battery, as far as I can tell.

image image


So they are slightly different internally, but the original question remains! If I took an EXP battery and put it in a second gen IQ brain, would it work?


Yes, it works, I thought we established that. But it’s most likely not competition legal.

The part numbers are different
IQ Generation 2 battery, 228-7045, 14.4 Wh
EXP battery, 280-7126, 18 Wh


I guess the fact that it fits would not 100% convince me that it’s a good idea to put it there. Looks like the EXP batteries have more storage, is there any difference in the voltage? Obviously it’s still a moot point until we can buy either.


Do you have the cad files of either of those 2 batteries? I remember searching for the iq battery cad long ago and I couldn’t find it.

Also does the gen 1 batteries work with the gen 2 brain? Are there any disadvantages excluding less battery capacity?

Yes, according to this page:

  • Everything works with everything (except chargers)
  • IQ Robot Brains (1st and 2nd) work with both IQ Robot Batteries (1st and 2nd)
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I don’t, they are not up on the web site yet.


The gen 2 batteries, being Li-Ion, have a flatter discharge curve, in other words, they will maintain voltage above the minimum needed for good motor performance for longer.

Both EXP and IQ generation 2 batteries have nominal voltage of 7.2V. The EXP battery can handle higher current demands of the 5.5W, EXP/V5 motors.