Expansion limit, yay or nay


So from what I understand there has been an expansion limit in NBN and every game after Skyrise, there might have been more. I personally find this rule and other rules geared to destroy defensive tactics ridiculous, but I’m happy to discuss it, aswell as, getting opinions from people who competed when there was no expansion limit and how they felt about it.

First off, I think defense is a legitimate tactic that is not over-powered compared to a more normal playstyle.



I’d like next year to not have an expansion limit. The Expansion Zone kinda ruined my plans this year.



should I make a poll real quick?


  • Expansion Limit
  • No Expansion Limit

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or you’ll just do it :smile:



Expansion limits limit the creativity that TP could have sponsored. The flags and caps could have made some really cool combo robots if there was no expansion limit.



Dont think you can have a standing rule for all seasons.

You will need to consider that season game itself. eg. Skyrise and ITZ have no vertical expansion limit, but there were horizontal limit. Simply because these 2 games were supposed to go as high as possible, but the horizontal limit was there to restrict the wallbot from killing the entire game/

As for NBN and even TP, you do need the vertical expansion limit, else there will be teams building a wall to block out either the goal (for nbn) or the flag posts (for TP).



I know this rule cant be applied to every single game, but in general I dont like this crackdown particularly on horizontal expansion and more recently on vertical expansion.

Did Skyrise have a horizontal limit? I remember that VCAT had an unexpected wallbot they unveiled at worlds, that sped across the field and shot a scissor wall out of it in lightning speed. Which was then broken by the other team’s robots working together to push through (excellent build quality btw VCAT). Or was there only no horizontal limit in VexU?

While I don’t agree for TP I understand that NBN did require a vertical expansion limit due to the nature of the game, the only way to score was by shooting, or by lifting a robot at the very end.

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Sorry… my mistake - it was not a robot restriction… but more of we were not allowed to interfere with the building of skyrise and also that 3 tiles that were out of bound.

but we did cut down on our L-shape wallbot because of this.

As for TP, if there is no vertical expansion, I am sure we will have a new version of vertical wallbot… to block the opponents from hitting the flag.



I might be biased since im a poor little capbot, but I see little problem in allowing more defense to be played against shooters by, for example, a lifting robot, rather than shooters being practically in their own little universe by themselves where the only defense given is pushed, which is quickly received back. Capbots could actually play more effective defense against shooters and level the playing field a little bit.



I like the expansion limit because it forces more creative engineering. For example, teams had to go to the EZ to deploy their ram, but my unique design allowed me to flip it up anywhere. That gave me a theoretical advantage. (But I rarely used it.)

However, I agree that some games-many games-are better suited without an expansion limit, or at least a large enough one to keep the game fun.

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I propose a 16.97’ expansion limit XD

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I was under the impression that the biggest design the horizontal expansion zone limit impacted was tetherbots, with two mostly independent segments joined by a power and communication cable. There was also a robot during Clean Sweep that deployed a wall on the opponent’s side of the wall that their partner would then fill, and they would lift the wall at the last minute, dumping all of the objects with no time left for the other team to throw them back.



Tetherbots and wallbots are both impacted significantly by the expansion limit. Both I which I do not deem to be over powered.



I’d just like to see one of those robots that’s actually many robots all tethered together… I recall seeing one robot in toss up that deployed at least 5 tendrils with robots on them and wheels and whatnot to ensnare the whole field. Something so cool like that would be fun to watch, and imo fun to play against.



I believe that was the “Quadropus”

and yes a very cool robot that sadly didn’t go too far in worlds.

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Thats the one. Really cool



What is a tetherbot?



Just out of curiousity, if that robot was broken by another robot by just driving over it, would that be illegal? Because that thing looks like it could be ripped apart by a strong drive base.



what about an expansion limit of 12’

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