Expansion rule

For the expansion rule of 36", it says:
" If a Head Referee is uncertain whether a Robot has momentarily expanded beyond this limit, they may ask the Team after the Match to replicate the Robot’s state and check for compliance using a tape measure, VRC Expanded Sizing Tool, or other linear measuring device."
Our robot has three mechanisms that, when fully expanded, are about 42". If not activated together, our robot doesn’t exceed the 36" limit. Is this legal if when fully expanded it passes 42", but in the game we never activate all mechanisms, and therefore never pass the 36" limit? Thank you

You will be fine as long as you can demonstrate that at no time during the match did you ever exceed the 36" limit.


It might be a good idea to have something in the code that prevents this from happening, or vibrates the controller if you reach 35 inches.


Demonstrate as in “I swear we never activate all three mechanisms at once”, or do you have to have your software and/or hardware making sure the three mechanisms never deploy at the same time?

I all of the competitions I have been to during inspection they make sure that you can not expand past 36 inches. If they found that you expand past the limit when extending they failed you immediately.
I’m not sure how the worlds inspection would go but I wouldn’t risk it. I suggest fixing your robot to be in the size limit so that you dont have to rebuild at worlds.

That… is not what should happen in that situation.

See this thread:


@holbrook is dead on about this. This can be confusing for people coming from IQ where it must be limited either mechanically or through software to be impossible.